Geography Research

We are going to be studying the Amazon Rainforest this half term. Use the links below and any other websites that you can find to research some information.

Comment below with your favourite fact that you have found out/

Science- Pulleys

5H have been making some pulleys in science using just plastic cups, string and tape! They have made some really brilliant ones!  Here are some pictures of the children hard at work.

Holiday Homework

In the new year we will be writing a biography about Anne Frank. For your homework we would like you to research Anne Frank and her life.

For example : When she was born? Where was she from? Who were her family? What happened to her? Make a time life of her life. Please bring your work into school on Monday 9th January. You can draw a picture , write a poem, write information text, be creative with your ideas.

A wonderful trip!

Year 5 went a on a great trip to Longendale in the Peak District on Wednesday. The class learnt lots about rivers and their features. They even got the chance to go in the river and perform some experiments!
The best quote of the Day was “Miss it’s like Paradise” and you can see that it really was from the pictures below.

Miss Holt












What 5H think of their learning

It’s been a great first week back. 5H have settled into the new school really quickly and have started the year brilliantly. They have been thinking about their learning and here are some of the things that 5H thought….

Lots of children know they are getting better at their work because “their teacher tells them”.  They also know that teachers mark their work to “check and give feedback” and to “see if you get things write”. All of 5H were also good at saying which subjects they were good at but they could also say which they found the hardest. Many of 5H like working with partners but there were some children who preferred to work on their own.

Thanks for all of your mature and thoughtful answers 5H! I’ve been looking at them carefully so I can help you with your learning.

Miss Holt